How to Gain More Twitter Followers

How to Gain More Twitter Followers

Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, said that there are two kinds of Twitter users; those who to increase their followers and those who lie. This statement sparked controversy and many find it funny and realistic.

Here are tips on how to raise the number of your Twitter followers.

A kick off to remember

So, how will your Twitter followers remember you? Start with a great kick off by working on your profile. Use a name that is simple and easy to remember. Make sure it reflect the strong points of your brand by putting up  great profile picture which can be your face and establishing a solid biography so that others will easily remember who you are and what you are into. As much as possible avoid using logos, images or any graphics because Twitter users might get the wrong impression that is a spam account.

Tweet regularly

Establish web presence by posting them regularly but timely basis. Don’t flood them with a lot of messages because they might lose interest or worse unfollow you. If you tweet regularly there’s also no need to buy fake Followers on Twitter just to get some traction.


Hashtags connect you to people with similar interests and make your tweets more visible. But use them in moderation so try using one or two significant and fascinating hashtags that can enhance the quality of your tweet.

Return favors

It is surely a nice gesture to retweet other people’s post and to follow them especially those who follow you. The same thing goes to those who unfollow you, stop following them too.

Direct people to your Twitter account

You can increase your number of Twitter followers by putting “Follow me on Twitter” links across the web. People can easily find you and it will surely be more effective at catching people’s attention.

Celebrity followers

Try to get famous people to follow you like celebrities or any famous Twitter user. It will add credibility to your Twitter account.

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Internet Marketing Tools: How to Choose the Best

Marketing Tools

Whether you want to promote a brand or you want to popularize your works, you would need marketing tools to help you attain your goals. You can find a lot of these tools online. Their number is overwhelming and choosing the right ones can be daunting. However, with a little help from this article, you will realize that finding the best marketing software online is not really as difficult as it sounds.

There are a lot of free and paid marketing tools available. Some of these free marketing tools come in excellent quality but choosing premium or paid ones increases your chance of having better service from these tools. Also, if you are serious about creating brand awareness and achieving your marketing goals, perhaps you should invest on your tools.

One of the things that you may want to consider before you scout for marketing tools is its purpose. Yes, you need a marketing tool but what is it for? Do you want to know when your target markets usually log on to their Twitter accounts or the pages they typically check online?

Perhaps you want to know the keywords most internet users optimize to search your brand or maybe you want to buy real Twitter followers to promote your brand.  To get the best value for your money, it would be wise for you to check for a specific marketing tool that delivers various results in one package. Paying for separate marketing software can be costly, especially if you are just starting out with your business.

When you have already identified your marketing needs, it’s time for you to look for the right marketing software. Of course, you cannot tell if a certain tool is good by merely looking at its site. However, you can always refer to expert’s reviews or you can join forums. This way, you will have an idea as to which of these tools are worth your trust.  You may also want to make use of trial versions in order for you to determine if the tool is suited to your marketing needs.

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How Fast Is Your Website?


With all the websites out there, internet users have the luxury to be picky with the sites they visit. If they are not contented with the site’s performance, they can easily jump to the next website. A few seconds delay and discontent could drive your target markets away. Thus, you want to ensure that your web pages load fast.

To ensure a speedy loading of your web pages, consider using web speed testing tools. Most of them can be found online for free. These tools work in such a way that it makes it easier for you to determine how your site performs when visited by your prospects. A good performing website attracts Google and provides a positive experience to visitors.

An effective web speed testing tool can point out potential hindrances to your website’s smooth and fast performance. You may incorporate these tools to your existing web development process. It is also a good idea to use different web speed testing tools so you can take advantage of the different features each of these tools offer.

Top 3 Website Speed Testing Tools

Page Speed Online.  This is a web-based tool application that lets you know if your website is performing fast as it should. If you run this tool, the application will provide an overall score of your site’s performance. It will also point out areas of concerns which are labeled High, Medium and Low priority. This makes it easier for you to determine which part of your website needs more attention.

Which Loads Faster? This is a simple, user-friendly and straightforward tool that yields immediate results. Its home page has two panels wherein you enter your site’s URL and your competitor’s. The system will automatically run if you click the “Go” tab. For its result, you will know how your site performs in comparison to other entrants in the market. You can use the information to improve your site or enhance your existing marketing techniques.

OctaGate Site Timer. If you want to know how long it takes for certain objects on your site to be downloaded, this tool is what you should utilize. If you enter your website’s URL on the site’s space tab, you get a bar graph for the result. The graph contains information such as download start and end times including download duration information.

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6 Free Internet Marketing Tools that Work

Marketing Tools

Marketing plan and its implementation requires financial investments. Thus, you need to employ marketing tools that will help you track the success of your marketing strategies. This will also ensure that your efforts and your resources are not wasted. There are a lot of free and useful marketing tools on the internet. Some of the most reputable ones include the following:

Google Keyword Tool. Google is the most utilized search engine on the web. Thus, it is important that you know which keywords will lead your target markets straight to your website.

BrowserShots. The one thing you should know is that websites may differ in appearance when viewed on other browsers. If you have BrowserShots, you will know exactly how your website looks on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. For accuracy purposes, you may also consider using old and new versions just to ensure that your website looks exactly the way you want it to.

Google Analytics. This is an important tool that allows you to monitor the impact of your marketing activities on the web. The tool provides statistics that you can use to analyze marketing trends and the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Spam Check. Email marketing is among the most utilized marketing strategies nowadays. If you are into sending emails and newsletters to your target markets, you need to ensure that they do not get caught with filters. Spam Check determines which words and phrases will trigger filters. The site allows you to see your traffic rank and compare it against other entrants in your industry. With this site, you will know if you need to exert more effort on your marketing activities or the areas that you need to intensify your campaigns on.

Search Engine Spider Simulator. This tool will help you determine if search engines pick up your anchor text and key phrases. You may have a cool website but if search engines do not recognize the keywords you put in, your marketing strategies will be deem ineffective.

These are just some of the free marketing tools available on the internet. Make a research on what’s applicable for you. It would also help if you would read reviews and user feedback to know if the tool is worth a try or not.

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Top 5 Web Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Your website says so much about your brand. When potential buyers want to check your product, they will go to your site and decide, whether or not, your brand is worth their money. Studies show that the buyer’s decision to go on with their orders is, generally influenced by what they see and experience on the website they visit.

To create a positive impression among your prospects, you may want to check the usual website mistakes so you can avoid them.

Long pages and sentences. People, generally, want to see their needed information right away. For sure, you don’t want to make it seem like your prospects are looking for a needle on a haystack when all they’re trying to do is place an order.

Therefore, create a user-friendly interface. Make the tabs and buttons easy to f

ind. If you are going to post contents, make your pages easy to read. Also, your sentences should be succinct and short. If you have to put a lot of information, cut them into different pages to make them manageable.

More is not always better. There are a lot of cool applications and programs that you can include in your website. You can place large Flash videos, animated graphics or audio that automatically plays when one visits your site.However, they could slow down page loading and may even distract your visitors.

This would make visiting your site a stressful experience rather than a pleasurable one. Instead, keep your website simple. Only place useful applications. This will help your audiences get what they want right away without the hassle.

Web Mistakes

“Under Construction” sign. This is one of the major no-no’s in the web world. If you are not ready yet, do not place your website on a public location. It is more advisable to delay the publishing of your site until it is ready than put it live but no prospects can access it.

Being vague with benefits. Be more assertive when it comes to promoting your brand. Instead of telling your consumers what your brand is made of; tell them what they could get out of it.Consumers purchase items because they want to be assisted or they want to get help from their target product or service. By telling them how the product could help them, you are increasing the chance of converting your prospects into customers.

Overlooking Call to Action. To increase your conversion rates and profits, always guide your visitors to the direction you want them to be. Make sure that you include proactive lines such as “sign up now”, “order today” or “call me”.

Low Budget Website. Making an OK website is easy, but making a great website that will make your visitors convert into sales or potential leads is the real thing. That’s why you have to refer to professionals something and yes it can be costly. You might not have the money right now, but it will be worth it down the road. Sometimes, just getting a personal loan is worth it. If there is one place we can suggest is Those guys are really amazing. They will get you the best loans with the best rates because they make lenders compete against each other. Also, asking money from a friend might be worth it. But building your thing and not depending on family or friends is always better. Give it a shout you will see and PLEASE do not be low ballers and low budgeters. Make your website with class.

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Reasons for Utilizing Marketing Techniques


There are a lot of traditional marketing techniques on top of prevailing internet marketing strategies. If you are just starting out to with your business, choosing a marketing plan that will serve as the backbone of your business can be a daunting task.

Most successful businesses out there would agree that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to turning a business venture into a huge one. Most of the time, the success of a business endeavor is a combination of different marketing strategies combined with hard work, the right tools and yes, a little bit of luck. However, it is pertinent that you have an idea on what marketing techniques are and why you should include a technique or two on your business plan.

Marketing techniques are strategies employed by a business in order to realize its marketing plan. Its main objective is to provide the needs of its target market, to ultimately obtain the desired return of investments.

Among the top reasons why companies utilize different marketing techniques is brand awareness. By letting your target audience know that your brand is already available in the market, you increase your chance of driving traffic to your site and eventually, convert your prospects into customers. Some of the marketing strategies employed for brand awareness are providing product sample and promo items, sending out newsletters, placing ads on different websites and so on.

Companies also adhere to certain marketing tactics in order to generate leads. With the right marketing strategies, you get to check who your potential customers are or who took an initial interest on your brand. The moment you determine who these people are, you can strike a sales relationship with them using various marketing strategies such as sending newsletters or email to introduce your brand.

Marketing strategies are also utilized in order to put your brand closer to your target markets. This is particularly helpful if your product is among the top brands being considered by your prospects. While your prospects are taking their time to choose between you and other market entrants, it would be a lot of help if you would inch your way closer to them by sending follow up newsletters or other similar marketing techniques.

Lastly, marketing tactics are employed by businesses in order to accelerate their sales and business profits.

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